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Press release

5 January 2016

Zebidar beer launched with an exciting new “pull off” bottle cap

Today, January 5th, at the Golden Tulip hotel in Addis Ababa, Zebidar Brewery S. Co, announced the launch of Zebidar beer. The lager style beer will initially be available in the SNNPR and Addis Ababa. The name, “ZEBIDAR” is taken from the “Zebidar Massif“, a mountain found in the SNNPR, close to the site of the new brewery.
Zebidar is launched in a 33cl bottle with a great new innovation for the Ethiopian beer market, the easy pull off, “ring pull” bottle cap. The cap is removed by placing a finger through the ring attached to the cap, then pulling out to split the cap, up and off, in a single smooth flowing action without the need for any tools.

Zebidar beer is a delicious, smooth tasting, 100% pure beer, produced in a state of the art brewery located in Gubre, using only the finest natural ingredients; malted barley, hops and water, nothing else.

Gavin Brown, General Manager, Zebidar said, “we are very proud to launch Zebidar beer today. Our highly experienced team of national and international brew masters have carefully crafted the beer with fresh crisp taste, 5% alcohol by volume beer of the highest quality for all beer drinkers to enjoy with their friend".
Paul Norris Commercial & Marketing Director Zebidar, said; Our brand logo represents progression and we are the first beer to introduce the pull-off cap to consumers in Ethiopia. We believe it will excite beer drinkers and allow them enjoy their beer occasions with friends more conveniently. You just use your fingers to open. For our customers, the caps are acknowledged as offering excellent tamper evidence and product protection.
"Senegenagn" recognizes that many wonderful possibilities can come from getting together with friends, just like our brewery and our beer".
The recommended retail price of Zebidar beer is ETB 13.00.