UNIBRA’s brewing business

1829 foundation of the Caulier brewery in Neufvilles by Édouard Caulier
1852 foundation of the Caulier brewery in Mons by Édouard Caulier
1869 foundation of the Caulier brewery in Laeken (Brussels) by Édouard Caulier
1870 launch of export to France and bordering countries
1885 gold medal for the quality of Caulier beers
1951 opening of the Stanleyville brewery in Congo
1953 opening of the Kasai brewery in Congo
1954: opening of the Leopoldville brewery in Congo
1957: opening of the Paulis brewery in Congo
1960: foundation of the limited liability company UNIBRA, which merges the four Congolese breweries, i.e., the Stanleyville brewery, the Kasai brewery, the Bas-Congo province brewery and the Paulis brewery, and the appointment of Michel Relecom as the group’s managing director
1960: construction of the Ghlin brewery in Belgium, in order to merge the Caulier, Impérial and Labor breweries
1962: construction of the Compania Internacional de Cervezas (CISA) in Barcelona with the DAMM brewery group, which was to produce Euro-Pils
1963: acquisition of majority stake in Terrebois S.A., the cradle of the real estate business
1964: creation of the Skol International brand
1976: launch of the investment programme in the real estate industry in the United States, in office buildings and commercial spaces
1987: purchase of equity holding in the Sobragui brewery in Guinea-Conakry
1994: death of Michel Relecom; his wife, Maïté Relecom, takes over the management of the business
1995: opening of the Yongledian brewery in China
1996: opening of the Mbuyi-Mayi brewery in Zaire
1996: sale of brewery assets in Zaire
1996: closure of the brewery in China
2003: opening of the mineral water production plant SANEM in Tunisia
2006: opening of the Bejaia brewery in Algeria
2007: opening of the Nouvelle Brasserie in Madagascar;
constitution of the real estate development
2008: sale of the Sobragui brewery in Guinea-Conakry
sale of the brewery in Algeria
2008: vente de la brasserie d’Algérie
2010: Thibault Relecom, son of Michel and Maïté Relecom, is appointed CEO

Opening of the Skol Brewery Ltd in Rwanda

2012: gold quality medal for Skol beer in Rwanda
2013: Sale of Nouvelle Brasserie in Madagascar
2015: purchase of equity holding in the Martens brewery (Limburg)
2016: opening of the Zebidar brewery in Ethiopia